About us

MBF Group SA is a public limited company listed on the NewConnect  stock market under the supervision of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. MBF Group S.A., with its headquarters in Warsaw, provides consulting and advisory services within the scope of handling business activity, managing enterprises, as well as the legal aspects for micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises. MBF Group S.A. supports enterprises in their market development through indicating efficient solutions based on modern management tools. Our consulting activities take the needs and potential of the contractors into consideration.

The company’s basic scope of activity is:

  1. Comprehensive service and assistance within the scope of legal assistance, organization, logistics, brokerage, as well as the direct wholesale of medical, miitary, food and chemical products on the Polish, European and global market. We handle activities related to the direct purchase and sales brokerage of goods and services, as well as acting as a broker, this including full support within the scope of keeping the interests of our contractors. We represent the interests of the purchaser or seller of products. The relations between a manufacturer and a sales agent are of a long-term nature, and they are ultimately established in the form of a written agreement, with due diligence, this including confidentiality, keeping trade secrets, etc. We handle negotiating and concluding transactions on behalf of enterprises which we represent on the basis of medium- or long-term contacts.
  2. Consulting within the scope of organization and assistance in raising capital for the development of business projects, paying particular attention to the GameDev industry (developers, distributors, game producers, as well as to RES (renewable energy sources). We help companies in their initial stage of development, which includes offering services related to equity, debt, and community financing. We analyze the changes and the economic trends and identify the needs which arise on the market. We advise regarding the financial solutions which are adequate to the needs and possibilities of the contractors. We organize comprehensive consultancy and handling of the capital raising process from a selected source. In the case of attractive projects, we do not exclude our own capital involvement, or being involved by related companies or subsidiaries.
  3. Research and development within the scope of algorithmic trading („algotrading””) and HFT („High Frequency Trading”),e. buying or selling financial instruments with the assistance of a computer algorithm which automatically determines the individual parameters of the purchase or sales orders for these instruments, this including the moment of placing an order, its expiration date, the price, or the number of instruments being the subject of the order, or how the order is managed after it has been placed, where this happens without any human involvement, or with limited human involvement only.

The company supports all entities being a part of the broadly understood capital group, so that it operates in a manner which is organized and harmonized. The basic added value of the group and a long-term strategic goal is the synergy which results from the cooperation between its individual entities. The individual entities functioning within the capital group develop an initial concept of how the capital will be managed, which determines the rules for making and processing payments, investing and short-term financing, as well as the cooperation with financial institutions.

External contractors and companies from our capital group will be provided with specialist support within the scope of building a business model, and we will also handle the necessary market analyses. We offer comprehensive services for enterprises at any stage of their development – starting from start-up companies, through intensively developing entities, to enterprises which are in stagnation, or which are seeking new ideas and solutions (reengineering).

For the sake of the highest standards in fulfilling the obligations of a public company, as well as the transparency of the activities and professionalism in the communication with an individual investor, since May 2014, MBF Group S.A. is a supporting member of the Polish Association of Listed Companies.