Trading and brokerage, or the present and future of the MBF Group company

More and more often in the public space, one can encounter questions: what does MBF Group SA really do, what is its business, and finally, what does it intend to derive revenue from? Some people ask out of simple curiosity, others want to update their vision, and still others do it for a simple “laugh.”

The following response is first directed to our Shareholders and potential investors. De facto, however, we answer to everyone – and to those who sincerely care about the company and its dynamic development, but also to those who would always do something better (although they never wrote us how it is better).

Moving to the not-so-distant past, many commentators laughed at the fact that during the pandemic, the company adapted very flexibly to difficult market conditions. Some saw our decisions as joining the stock market toasts and ideas that are always born on the wave of hot topics. However, the company and those managing it have taken the subject very seriously.

The pandemic situation has reduced demand for advanced consulting services, advice on organizing and assistance in raising capital for developing business projects. Companies mainly thought about survival rather than growth. In this situation, MBF Group SA, while not discontinuing its consulting business, redirected its main business effort to direct wholesale of medical products.

And the end result was that 2020 was historically the best year for the company in terms of financial results. The nearly 400,000 zlotys of CIT tax paid is a measure of our success and decisions at the time. The financial success achieved at the time, as well as the network of unique acquaintances built, coupled with the establishment of the company’s own network of brokers and intermediaries, all led to the announcement of a change in the company’s strategy. We have abandoned unprofitable or capital-intensive businesses and placed our focus on extensive brokerage, brokerage services and direct wholesale.

The realization of this goal requires flexibility especially in the area of decision-making regarding the sphere of activity. We analyze economic changes and trends and identify emerging market needs. The company’s operations are adapted as quickly as possible to current market needs and broad market conditions. An analysis of the past few years of operations indicates that such a strategy is yielding positive results.

For some, this may be a cause for criticism or jokes, but we make it clear – our first focus is on finding the kind of goods that are currently in great demand, with negligible supply. We go where the margins are extremely high and try to make money on it. If in the near future it turns out that there is a huge demand for red-colored sand – we will activate all acquaintances to contract or supply such red sand on the letters of intent and orders received.

In summary, the company is engaged in the business of buying and selling commodities and acting as a broker. We offer comprehensive services and assistance in terms of legal, organizational and logistical support. We represent the interests of the buyer or seller of products. We are engaged in negotiating or concluding transactions on behalf of companies whose interests we represent on the basis of signed contracts. As a public company, we inform the market about all significant contracts and agreements through stock market announcements.

Currently, the subject of our offer is hard coal, diesel fuel, heating oil, Jet A1 aviation fuel, urea with inhibitor, medical gloves or generator sets from 3 to 150 kW. Excellent market discernment allows us to undertake the supply of even the most technically and technologically advanced machinery and equipment.

Our team consists of a group of specialists well versed in, among other things. in foreign trade regulations and procedures while in the professional, substantive handling of contracts we use the services of specialists in the field when necessary. Thus, we guarantee full information on all technical and performance parameters of the goods offered.

In the coming year, the company intends to continue its chosen course of action and adapt to the needs of the rapidly changing market.