About the company

MBF Group S.A., based in Warsaw, is a public company listed on the NewConnect market under the supervision of the Stock Exchange and the Financial Supervision Commission. The company’s core business is:

  1. Direct wholesale of medical, food, chemical and fuel products on the Polish and European markets. We offer comprehensive services and assistance in legal assistance, organization, logistics and brokerage. We are engaged in the business of directly brokering the purchase and sale of goods and acting as a broker. We represent the interests of the buyer or seller of products. The relationship between the manufacturer and the sales agent is a long-term one and is established in the form of a written contract including the maintenance of commercial confidentiality. We are engaged in negotiating or concluding transactions on behalf of the companies we represent on the basis of medium or long-term contacts.
  2. Advice on organizing and assisting in raising capital to develop business projects. We help companies in the early stages of development, including offering equity, debt and crowdfunding services. We analyze economic changes and trends and identify emerging market needs. We advise financial solutions that are appropriate to the needs and capabilities of contractors. We organize comprehensive consulting and handling of the process of raising capital from the selected source. In the case of attractive projects, we do not rule out our own equity involvement or through affiliates or subsidiaries.
  3. Research and development in algorithmic trading (“algotrading”) and HFT (“High Frequency Trading”), Acquisition or sale of financial instruments with the help of a computer algorithm that automatically determines individual parameters of orders to purchase or sell these instruments, including the moment of placing an order, its expiration date, the price or number of instruments subject to the order, or the manner of managing the order after its placement, while doing so without human participation or with limited human participation.

The company supports all entities in the broader group so that it operates in an organized and harmonized manner. The group’s primary added value and long-term strategic goal is the synergy resulting from the interaction of its various entities. The individual entities operating in the group develop a preliminary cash management concept, which defines the rules for making and processing payments, investing and short-term financing, as well as cooperation with financial institutions.

MBF Group SA is assigned NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE Code) 9AQDH. The code identifies the company in the NATO Codification System (NCS). The code allows direct entry into tenders conducted by defense-related institutions in Poland and NATO countries globally, as well as the US Army and the federal and state governments in the US. The company’s data has been entered into the Database of Business Entities maintained by the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification(WCNJiK) and will be entered into:

  1. NATO Database of Business Entities maintained by the NATO Support and ProcurementAgency (NSPA),
  2. NATO Master Catalogue of References forLogistics (NMCRL) maintained by NSPA,
  3. Business Entity Database maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

We provide external contractors and companies in our capital group with expert support in building a business model and conduct the necessary market analysis. We offer comprehensive services to companies at every stage of their development – from companies initiating their activities (start-ups) through intensively developing entities, to companies at the stage of stagnation or looking for new ideas and solutions (reengineering).

In the interests of the highest possible standards in fulfilling the obligations of a public company, as well as transparency in operations and professionalism in communication with individual investors, in May 2014 MBF Group S.A. became a supporting member of the Polish Association of Stock Exchange Issuers.

Ci occupiamo di commercio all'ingrosso di materie prime, importazione, esportazione e agiamo come broker. Siamo specializzati nella vendita dei seguenti prodotti: alimentari (olio di colza, olio di girasole, zucchero) e chimici (urea, adBlue)


Ceny rzepaku zaskakują rolników. Jakie prognozy na najbliższe tygodnie?


MBF Group SA działając jako importer i dystrybutor olejów roślinnych w Polsce i państwach UE, ogłosiła kilka dni temu podpisanie znaczącej umowy na sprzedaż i dostawę 1500 ton oleju rzepakowego nierafinowanego 👍💪

MBF GROUP SA (29/2024) Wezwanie kontrahentów do wywiązania się z ustaleń i zobowiązań oraz przedstawienia ICPO http://www.infostrefa.com/infostrefa/pl/wiadomosci/48508719,mbf-group-sa-29-2024-wezwanie-kontrahentow-do-wywiazania-sie-z-ustalen-i-zobowiazan-oraz-przedstawienia-icpo

The biodiesel production process is based on an esterification reaction in which vegetable oil (or fat) reacts with alcohol (usually methanol) in the presence of a catalyst. This reaction produces biodiesel (methyl ester of fatty acids) and glycerine as a by-product.

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