We have an extensive network of contacts in eastern markets and close cooperation with partners in Ukraine, we sell high quality white beet sugar of ICUMSA45 standard. We supply or act as an intermediary in contracting ICUMSA45 sugar to customers in Poland, including manufacturers of confectionery, biscuits, chocolate, etc. Our track record includes the completion of regular deliveries of refined ICUMSA45 sugar to a Polish company specialising in the production of high-quality cakes and fudge. The company is a significant supplier of private label confectionery products to retail chains in Poland and internationally.

MBF Group SA’s activities on the sugar trading market are developing dynamically, as confirmed by successive stock market reports. The company consistently signs contracts for regular sugar supplies, building stable relationships with its counterparties. The receipt of additional orders and the flexibility of framework agreements allow rapid adaptation to the changing needs of customers, which translates into growing turnover and the reputation of our company in the industry.



Analysis of current market trends indicates a growing demand for ICUMSA 45 food sugar. Phenomena such as increased health awareness and the popularity of low-sodium diets are fostering demand for higher-quality products, including low-processed white sugar. MBF Group SA, aware of these trends, consistently adjusts its offerings to meet customer expectations.

The signing of a Trade Agreement for the regular supply of ICUMSA 45 sugar from Ukraine(ESPI Report No. 47/2023) is a significant step for MBF Group SA. Imports from Ukraine, one of the region’s major sugar producers, provide the company with access to a high-quality commodity while hedging against possible fluctuations in prices and available sugar quantities. Import prospects from Ukraine bring new opportunities and can be an asset to investors, increasing stability and diversification of supply.

Beet sugar, although made from beets, is white in color. It is a free-flowing, crystalline substance. Its unique feature is its sweet taste. Beet sugar consists of virtually 100% carbohydrates. These are simple carbohydrates – mono- and disaccharides, which are quickly and easily digested in the lumen of the digestive tract. You can find the exact nutritional value of beet sugar in the table below(source). The quality and transparency of the sugar is evidenced by the so-called. ICUMSA45 standard.

Consuming a small amount of sucrose (especially as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet) is not harmful, and there is no need to give up your favorite treats. However, it is necessary to exercise moderation and common sense when choosing them. If possible, you can replace sucrose with healthier substitutes such as honey, stevia or xylitol. It’s also worth experimenting with new flavors. For example, tea sweeteners may find a pleasant surprise in the taste of bitter tea, which, once you get used to it, you have no desire to spoil with even a few grains of sugar. Read more at: