Agricultural products

MBF Group offers to import agricultural products from Europe and Central Asia. We open up new trade opportunities for you by allowing you access to cereals, vegetables and fruit. We offer a wide range of services for the wholesale trade in agricultural products. Our offer is based on solid relationships with trusted grain producers in Poland and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. Thanks to our partnerships with experienced suppliers, we guarantee the highest quality products. Our offer includes a variety of cereals, available in different forms, providing a wide choice and flexibility to meet the individual needs of our contractors. The scope of our business includes trading and brokering the supply of products such as:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • maize
  • rape

MBF Group, not only focuses on providing high quality agricultural products, but also aims to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector. We work with producers who use the latest farming methods, taking care of both production efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Our activities include encouraging agricultural practices that encourage the conservation of biodiversity, the optimal use of water resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We aim to build lasting relationships with our trading partners, based on mutual trust, honesty and understanding. Our aim is not only to supply agricultural products, but also to build valuable and long-term partnerships that benefit all parties involved.



At the end of 2023, the company signed a cooperation agreement to establish the terms of supply of agricultural products to Nigeria to the port of Lagos, which was subsequently accepted and adopted by the contractor. The contractor with whom the mentioned Agreements were concluded is a company registered and operating under the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Deliveries of corn and wheat to Nigeria should be made in the first quarter of 2024. Details of each contract, including financial amounts, method of settlement, the company will provide through stock exchange reports.

In grain trading, we use a variety of available commercial tools (documentary letter of credit, bank guarantee). We negotiate medium and long-term contracts (documentary letter of credit | LC MT700). Our experience and the trust of our customers testify to our professionalism and ability to handle large wholesale orders. As part of our fruit and vegetable import offerings, we offer brokerage or direct sales of, among other things:

  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • potatoes
  • garlic
  • watermelons
  • mango
  • chokeberry

On September 4, 2023, we received a back-signed Framework Cooperation Agreement with Agrigen Tarmsal Araştrma Laboratuvarlar, based in Antalya, Turkey. Under the terms of the framework cooperation agreement, the parties established and defined business relationships and parameters for future legal obligations, and confidentiality rules were established as to key sources and contacts. The agreement assumes long-term cooperation between the parties and defines the framework rules of operation, where the common goal will be supply by the Issuer to Poland and other European Union countries of products manufactured by the Partner seedlings and finished agricultural products, i.e. chokeberries, cucumbers, tomatoes et al.

There are many advantages to importing agricultural products to Poland, and MBF Group strives to bring you these products in the best possible quality. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Culinary diversity: By importing vegetables and fruits from different regions of the world, you can experiment with culinary recipes and discover new flavors. This is a great opportunity to introduce new foods and products into your diet.
  • Year-round availability: With imports, you can enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables regardless of the season. This is a solution for lovers of seasonal flavors.
  • Higher quality and freshness: MBF Group ensures that products are fresh and of high quality. This ensures that your dishes will taste unique.
  • Supporting local gastronomy: By using our offerings, you also support local producers and suppliers who offer unique products that are hard to find in Poland.


Thanks to our solid relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer competitive prices in the wholesale market. Our company is committed to fairness in pricing, ensuring that our customers are assured of receiving the most attractive terms. We understand that on-time delivery is crucial in wholesale trade. That’s why we make sure to deliver the ordered products on the agreed date, regardless of complicated logistic routes. The logistics team carefully plans deliveries to ensure efficiency and safety. We work with reputable transportation companies, which allows us to track shipments at every stage of delivery.

If you are a representative of a retail chain or distributor and are looking for a partner to wholesale agro-food products, MBF Group is ready to cooperate. Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the details of cooperation, customize an offer to meet your needs and guarantee you competitive prices and timely delivery. Together we can grow your business by providing exceptional agricultural products from around the world.