Framework agreements for permanent supply of food and technical rapeseed oil from Belarus

The agreement was concluded with a company based in the Brest region of the Republic of Belarus. The plant is one of the largest producers of rapeseed oil in Belarus. The company is included in the national rapeseed program and is an official state supplier. The quality characteristics of our contractor’s oil allow it to be used both for biodiesel production and for consumption in the food industry. In addition, the company complies with relevant standards documented by quality certificates: GMP+, ISCC-EU, ISO 45001-2020. ISO 9001-2015 and others. The plant’s capacity allows it to process 300,000 tons of oilseeds per year.



The Issuer’s Management Board informs that the conclusion of the Agreement is of key importance to the Company in order to implement the concluded contract as soon as possible and to expand its offer with a range of food and technical oils. And with reference to ESPI Current Report No. 15/2023 dated. On April 28, 2023, in light of the Agreement signed above, the Issuer estimates that deliveries will begin no later than the 21st week of this year and will be carried out over the next 14 days (according to the arrangements and logistical capabilities of our buyer).

The entire order, worth approx. PLN 2.1 million should be realized no later than the end of the first half of June this year. Proper execution of the contract will open up the possibility for the Issuer to sign a long-term supply agreement for the contractor mentioned in ESPI Current Report No. 19/2023 dated. May 5, 2023. This will guarantee the Company a steady revenue of no less than PLN 8-10 million per year and strengthen its position in the market of suppliers and distributors of technical rapeseed oil.



Thanks to the conclusion of the Agreement, we can expand the catalog of our offer, and after the first realized deliveries (which we will keep informed about on our social media and through stock exchange announcements), we will try to enlarge the list of recipients with more contractors from Poland and Western Europe.