Conclusion of a framework agreement with eXor Holding SA

In recent days, we have signed an important Framework Cooperation Agreement with eXor Holding SA, based in Lugano, Switzerland. The subject matter of the Agreement is primarily the procurement and provision of products and services by the parties, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis in the form of orders and purchase orders. In addition, the parties undertook to work together to determine the principles of cooperation and settlement in the supply of goods carried out in Europe, with particular emphasis on the supply of goods to Ukraine.

The parties to the Agreement declared that they would engage in the business of trading, selling and brokering of medical supplies and medicines, health-related items, as well as medical and personal protection equipment and supplies. The parties agreed that the Agreement does not impose obligations on either of them for remuneration for the other party’s services or agency, and the remuneration will be determined by the parties on a case-by-case basis under separate orders and agreements concluded as part of the cooperation undertaken.

eXor Holding SA is a leading European company that markets, develops and invests in pharmaceutical and rehabilitation products. Other major eXor investments include innovative companies developing physical therapy medical devices in a virtual environment and new international commercial and pharmaceutical companies eXinvest Ltd. and eXor Middle East Ltd. As part of the cooperation undertaken, the Issuer will first initiate activities to develop the distribution of medical gloves manufactured and sold under its own brand: MBF Medical NitrAG SoftTouch. In addition, together with the contractor, we will use our experience and business contacts to contract the supply of personal protective equipment to Eastern Europe, including Ukraine in particular.

In the opinion of MBF Group SA and its managers and associates – the conclusion of the above agreement is a testimony to the right direction in the development of the company, the increasing growth of confidence in the services provided and the growing position on the commodity market intermediaries, brokers and traders. The conclusion of an agreement with a non-Polish entity will allow the company to expand its area of operations to include Western European countries and enable eXor to be represented in Poland and Ukraine.

The cooperation will serve to establish direct contact between MBF Group and eXor, so that the transaction will be finalized as soon as possible. The parties to the agreement will share all information, documents and contacts that can affect the positive conclusion of all transactions. In addition to the contract, the parties will be required to sign any necessary document that will be required to finalize all transactions.



All eXor divisions boast historical or innovation-related awards that highlight the importance of their work. The eXor story begins in Italy. The company was founded in Milan in 1972 by Mr. Antonio Balossi, who started in the market as a distributor of orthopedic corsets and functional underwear, mainly to specialized medical and orthopedic stores. Strong partnerships with customers meant that new projects were being incorporated into our core business. In the late 1970s. specialized in elastocompression, and then, starting in the late 1980s, using the knowledge gained from several partnerships with other companies in the field, launched a range of footwear designed for the care, protection and post-operative recovery of sensitive feet affected by various pathologies.



eXor Pharmaceuticals is a fast-growing division of eXor Holding SA, which operates as an accredited operator in providing market access and drug distribution services through an innovative, dedicated infrastructure. The goal is to facilitate access to medicines in all phases of their development (both authorized and not yet authorized drugs) by helping pharmaceutical companies expand the distribution of their products in markets where they are not yet present. The mission of eXor Pharmaceuticals is to serve pharmaceutical companies and field operators with its experience and intuition to meet new patient needs through innovative offerings and new distribution pathways. The entire eXor holding company operates in many countries, including. in Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Bosnia, Argentina, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

At the same time, in connection with the conclusion of the aforementioned Agreement, the Management Board of MBF Group SA informs that it is currently negotiating with an entity related to eXor Holding SA – to determine the content and signing of an additional agreement in the field of trading and distribution of military articles and equipment, dual-purpose goods, clothing and personal protection equipment and self-defense equipment.

In the opinion of the Issuer’s Management Board, the implementation of the Agreement in question will contribute to generating additional revenues and will develop the Company’s private label product sales network. The Issuer decided to publish information about the above event due to its materiality and the fact that it may affect the Company’s future financial, property and economic situation and potentially have a significant impact on the valuation of the Issuer’s financial instruments listed in the alternative trading system.