Implementation of two deliveries of uncoated urea N46

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of two pilot deliveries of technical urea with a total weight of 24 tons. Deliveries were made to Polish capital companies based in Przemyśl and Krakow. Positive verification of the delivered goods will open the possibility of negotiating and signing a contract for permanent supply.

The first shipment, comprising 12 tons of uncoated urea, went to a company in Przemyśl. The product will ultimately be destined for export to Ukraine. The urea will be used to produce AdBlue liquid.

The second delivery, also involving 12 tons of uncoated urea, was made to a company in Krakow. In this case, urea will also be used for the production of AdBlue fluid, necessary for the proper functioning of modern diesel engines.

Both deliveries were test deliveries, with the aim of analyzing the quality of the product. If the specifications are accepted and confirmed to be consistent with the goods, the parties will sign contracts:

  • Delivery 1: 6-month contract to supply 350 tons of technical urea per month. The decision to sign the contract should be made within 2-3 weeks from the date of delivery.
  • Delivery 2: A contract to supply 100 tons of technical urea per month. The decision to sign the contract should be made within 4 weeks from the date of delivery.

The successful completion of pilot deliveries of technical urea is an important step for MBF Group SA to diversify its business and develop new market segments. Deliveries to Poland and Ukraine confirm interest in the company’s products from domestic and international customers.

Uncoated urea is used in various fields, mainly in the chemical industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. Here are some of its main uses:

  1. Agriculture: Urea is widely used as a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It provides plants with the necessary nitrogen for growth and development.
  2. Chemical industry: Urea is used as a raw material for the production of other chemical compounds, such as uric acid, melamine, and cyanuric acid. These compounds are used in a variety of industrial processes, such as in the production of food, building materials, and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Pharmaceutical: Urea can be used in the production of drugs, especially in dermatology. It has moisturizing and soothing properties, so it is often an ingredient in moisturizing creams, ointments or gels.
  4. Cosmetology: Urea is also a popular ingredient in skin care products, especially for oily and problematic skin. It can help regulate sebum secretion and moisturize and soothe irritated skin.
  5. Food industry: In some cases, urea can be used as a pH regulator or additive in food production, although this is used less frequently than in other areas.
  6. Plastics production: Urea is used in the production of some types of plastics, such as melamine-formaldehyde resin, which is used in the furniture and construction industries.

It is worth noting that urea must be used in accordance with relevant standards and regulations, as it can be harmful to the environment, especially when used in excess.