Dynamic development on the sugar trading market

MBF Group SA is constantly adapting to rapidly changing trends in the trading and brokerage industry. Recent events and the information contained in the published ESPI Current Reports show the implementation of the company’s strategy related to the import of food sugar from Ukraine and the prospects for further wholesale and brokerage of sugar.

Current Market Trends

Analysis of current market trends indicates a growing demand for ICUMSA 45 food sugar. Phenomena such as increased health awareness and the popularity of low-sodium diets are fostering demand for higher-quality products, including low-processed white sugar. MBF Group SA, aware of these trends, consistently adjusts its offerings to meet customer expectations.

In the context of the above, let’s trace the key developments and prospects for shareholders and investors that emerged from a series of published stock market reports

1. import strategy from Ukraine: new supply opportunities

The signing of a Trade Agreement for the regular supply of ICUMSA 45 sugar from Ukraine(ESPI Report No. 47/2023) is a significant step for MBF Group SA. Imports from Ukraine, one of the region’s major sugar producers, provide the company with access to a high-quality commodity while hedging against possible fluctuations in prices and available sugar quantities. Import prospects from Ukraine bring new opportunities and can be an asset to investors, increasing stability and diversification of supply.

2. flexibility of framework agreements: responding to increased demand

An additional order for November(ESPI Report No. 53/2023) confirms the flexibility of MBF Group SA’s framework agreements. According to the clause of the Framework Agreement, the company can respond quickly to increased customer demand, which positively affects the total volume of deliveries and generates additional revenue.

3. diversification of sources of supply: From Ukraine and Poland

The company is not only increasing cooperation with Ukraine, but also signing agreements with Polish partners(ESPI Report No. 33/2023 and ESPI No. 50/2023). This is an important decision and a move that contributes to the diversification of supply sources, which is important for minimizing risks and strengthening market positions.

4. prospects for sugar brokering: a new source of revenue

The signing of another Supply Agreement for the benefit of a capital company based in Lublin(ESPI Report No. 50/2023) opens up even more prospects for wholesale sugar trade for MBF Group SA. In doing so, the company can act as an intermediary, which not only generates additional revenue, but also creates new revenue channels.

5. stability of cooperation with contractors: a key element of reputation

The stability of cooperation with contractors from Poland and Ukraine, confirmed by the completion of deliveries and receipt of additional orders, is a key element in building the Issuer’s reputation in the market. We are also making efforts to go out with an offer to supply neighboring countries.

The growth potential for MBF Group SA in sugar imports from Ukraine is very promising over time. If the company takes appropriate action, it could become one of the leading importers of sugar from Ukraine to the European Union.

  • Growing demand for sugar in the European Union. In recent years, demand for sugar in the European Union has been growing. This is due to, among other things. population growth, increasing affluence and the growing popularity of healthy eating.
  • Increasing sugar imports from Ukraine to the European Union. Due to the war in Ukraine, the European Union has suspended tariffs on sugar imports from that country. This means that Ukrainian sugar is now more price competitive with sugar produced in the European Union.
  • The company’s experience in sugar trading. MBF Group SA has experience in sugar trading. The company cooperates with sugar mills in Poland and other countries.

MBF Group SA’s sugar trading business is growing rapidly, as confirmed by successive stock market reports. The company consistently signs contracts for regular sugar supplies, building stable relationships with contractors. The receipt of additional orders and the flexibility of framework agreements allow us to adapt quickly to changing customer needs, resulting in growing turnover and our company’s reputation in the industry.


The company’s management declares that it will continue to fulfill orders and seek new growth opportunities in the sugar trade sector (including expanding sales to Poland’s neighboring countries). Our company remains in a dynamic growth phase and is ready to meet new challenges and opportunities in wholesale. Further key information on MBF Group SA’s operations will traditionally be provided through stock market reports.