Delivery of ICUMSA 45 food sugar

The Management Board of MBF Group SA, with reference to the ESPI Current Report No. 33/2023 dated. June 14, 2023, regarding the signing and commencement of delivery of ICUMSA 45 food sugar, announces the finalization of the entire order. We made deliveries entirely by TIR in 1-ton big-bag packages.

At the same time, we would like to inform you about the ongoing negotiations for the signing of an agreement on long-term sugar supplies. The completed contract was with a Polish company specializing in the production of high-quality cookies and fudge. The company is a major supplier of private label confectionery products to retail chains in Poland and around the world.



In addition, we want to expand the supply of the commodity with a steady supply of ICUMSA 45 sugar, 650 wheat flour, palm fat and glugose syrup. In view of meeting the deadlines for delivery, we do not exclude signing a long-term contract for regular delivery of the above. intermediates.



Wheat flour type 650 bun is an excellent choice for all who appreciate the quality and taste of home baked goods. It is a product that is made from milling wheat grains. An interesting curiosity is that the name “type 650” refers to the mineral content of the flour, which is expressed in milligrams per 100 grams of product. It is this value that determines the characteristic properties of flour, such as color, taste and texture. Wheat flour type 650 bun is produced in our mill, and the grain used in production comes from the surrounding areas. The flour does not contain bleach, improvers or any additives, and is produced in a natural way.