Contract to supply refined rapeseed oil to France

At the end of June this year. We have received a signed back signed Framework Agreement on Cooperation and Confidentiality with a commercial law company based in Marseille, France. Under the provisions of the framework agreement, they established a business relationship and defined the parameters of future legal obligations. The agreement assumes long-term cooperation and defines a framework for operation, where the common goal is physical supply by the Issuer to the Partner: food and chemical products (with particular emphasis on rapeseed and sunflower oil).

A few days later, in reference to the agreement signed above, MBF Group SA concluded a contract for the supply of 1,000 tons of refined rapeseed oil. It was concluded with a company specializing in the production and distribution of edible oils. With its own production facilities, it is a leading player in the cooking oil market in France.

Under the contract, the Company undertook to provide the buyer with goods of quality and characteristics in accordance with the provisions of the contract (clarity, color, phosphorus level, etc.). The commercial transaction and the settlement of the delivery were established on the terms of Incoterms DAP Terminal Małaszewicze, Poland. The total value of the Contract is ca. PLN 4,200,000 (four million two hundred thousand zlotys), but its final amount will be published by the Company in the relevant Stock Exchange Report, along with information on the total completion of the order. The Issuer will inform about the various intermediate stages of the contract through its corporate website or through other communication channels.