Fulfillment of the order for the supply of 120ppm rapeseed oil

On June 13 this year. We have fully completed the supply of 120ppm technical rapeseed oil for our recipient. Due to the completion of deliveries, the company’s final revenue was approximately PLN 2,089,000 (two million eighty-nine thousand zlotys). We are currently negotiating the signing of a contract for further deliveries.

Rape Oil is mainly used in the food industry, where, due to its neutral taste, it is used to increase the moisture content of pastry products without changing their taste. In addition, it contains essential fatty acids and retains its fluidity even at lower temperatures. Rapeseed oil is widely used for biodiesel production , production of biodegradable oils and lubricants, as a base for paints and varnishes or for plasticizers, surfactants
and pesticides.

Our offer guarantees the delivery of goods in the indicated parameters and includes full logistics service to the place of delivery (according to the principles of Incoterms CIF Malaszewicze / Poland or FCA Brest / Belarus). We offer both unrefined 120 ppm and refined 0 ppm rapeseed oil. After an additional calculation, we are able to deliver oil anywhere in Europe.