BIOinLIFE project tokenization agreement

A few days ago, MBF Group concluded a major cooperation framework agreement on the tokenization of an innovative e-commerce platform project with a Tarnobrzeg-based joint stock company. Under the terms of the agreement, both parties to the agreement have agreed to enter into a business relationship for mutual and mutual benefit through which our company and its affiliates or entities designated by it will participate in the project in its development, implementation and dissemination, as well as direct or indirect investment.

The project concerns the tokenization of a digital asset, the BIOinLIFE token, which is currently being implemented independently by the Partner. In addition, as agreed, MBF Group will be tasked with a professional advisory, know-how support and organizational role in capital and investment hedging.

We assume that within the framework of the developed concept, together we will create an international community around the BioinLife Token based on the idea of commercialization of products (especially pro-health products), but also scientific knowledge and the latest technological solutions, including crypto technology. A project concept developed in this way has a great chance of receiving funding from EU grants of up to 80%.

As part of the tokenization business project, the Partner is the issuer of the BIOinLIFE token, which is to serve the global expansion of the entity and the companies that will join the project during its implementation. The token is designed for continuous development and value growth, and is designed to create an international community based on the idea of commercializing products and scientific knowledge and the latest technological solutions, including cryptotechnology. As implemented, the project has the following attributes:

(a) a state-of-the-art e-commerce sales platform with advanced technological tools, in the form of: (1) psychological mechanisms for stimulating sales, (2) an affiliate system capable of working with several thousand referral partners, (3) an SEO module for positioning products offered for sale;
(b) the technology will be used to sell several hundred of its own high-margin health-promoting products in many countries simultaneously. The finished system will also be made available to other companies as an e-service, in exchange for a monthly subscription and commission on sales;
(c) the platform will soon be equipped with cryptocurrency payments, and in the future the system will accept payments in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and will be expanded into its own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (initially #DEX P2P), where it will be possible to exchange tokens between users of the service.

As envisioned, starting in 2022, the tokens will entitle to a share of 5% of revenues from the sale of goods and services generated by the Partner (via the PoS protocol). For full transparency and to eliminate legal risks, any trading and payment functionalities implemented are consulted with the Financial Supervisory Commission. In the case of direct or indirect investment, the Issuer will also become a co-owner of the platform. In addition, the Partner’s capital company does not rule out going public on the stock market in the future.

Forecast of sales revenue and 5% token surcharge

Financial forecast of sales revenue and profits

The contract was concluded for an indefinite period. Either party has the right to terminate it with 1 month’s notice effective at the end of the calendar month. The other terms of the Agreement do not deviate from the commonly used standards.

Regardless of the concluded Agreement, we do not exclude direct investment in the Partner’s entity, including the acquisition of a token pool. In accordance with the adopted strategy, any acquisition of shares and/or tokens will be carried out by the Issuer’s subsidiary MBF Inwestycje Kapitałowe Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw. We do not exclude inviting our shareholders and investors to the project.