Sunflower and rapeseed oil production has taken off!

The long-awaited moment has arrived. After months of intensive preparation and hard work, production of bottled sunflower and rapeseed oil has started. This is certainly a milestone for the consortium of companies MBF Group SA and Chantii Oil Sp. z o.o.. We invite you to watch a video report from the production hall, where the joint work of machines and people is in full swing.

The final success and the launch of the production line is due to the hard work of the owners and specialists from Chantii Oil. Our joy is even greater when everyone can see the production line working at top speed. From now on, we can supply our customers with the best quality sunflower and rapeseed oil in elegant bottles, ready to be served on the table. This is not only a moment of joy for Chantia Oil and MBF Group, but also a significant step forward for the food industry. On a local level for now, but the ambitions are very high.

Sunflower and rapeseed oil have always occupied an important place in the human diet, due to their versatile uses and rich nutritional properties. Thanks to modern technology and the commitment of Chantia Oil’s employees, we are able to provide consumers with not only healthy but also tasty products to complement any dish.

We cannot forget the importance of this step for the consortium of companies MBF Group SA and Chantii Oil Ltd. Their joint efforts, investment in research and development and determination to achieve the goal have brought success. The production of bottled oil is only the beginning – it is the nucleus of future innovative ventures that will allow us to gain and maintain a significant position in the market and meet the expectations of our contractors.

We can’t wait to share our products with consumers and see their reactions. This is not only a source of personal and professional satisfaction for us, but also an inspiration to further improve our products and services. With the start of production of sunflower and rapeseed oil in bottles, we look to the future with optimism and confidence in our capabilities

We will report on all important and price-agnostic production and supply contracts via ESPI stock exchange reports.


Recording 1: Pouring oil into bottles.

Recording 2: Capping the oil bottles.

Recording 3: Tightening the caps on the bottles.

Recording 4: Wrapping the oil in bulk packaging.

Recording 5: Foiling of bottles stacked on a pallet.